Bad breath is problem for all people, but some of them knows how to get rid of it. Some people feels that they have do the right thing to remove the smell, but they think their breath still smell. Bad breath or in medic called halitosis, is very annoying thing when we want to meet with important person. We will lose our confident just because our smelly breath. There is an easy way to check if we have bad breath or not. Rub the back of the tongue using a clean finger, rub saliva on hands and let it dry and then inhaled. If there is no odor then you are free of halitosis. But if if there is bad smell, maybe you can do simple tips below to prevent bad breath.

1. Avoid smelly foods or beverages: What goes in the mouth will leave a certain scent. In some foods such as coffee, onions, and others, the smell left in the mouth can last up to 72 hours ahead. Although the food left a scent is not pleasant, it does not mean to not eat the mouth free of odor. Not eating can also cause bad breath.

2. Lot of drink: Dry mouth can cause bad breath due to the high level of activity of bacteria in the mouth. With drinking water then most bacteria and food residue can be removed from the mouth. In addition to drinking water, eating candy can also help stimulate the production of saliva, so that the mouth is not dry.

3. Stop smoking: Smoking leaves a chemical that causes bad breath. Moreover smoking also increases the risk of gum disease and oral cancer. Smoking while also causes impaired production of saliva, causing dry mouth. Ease dry mouth bad breath-causing bacteria to thrive.

4. Clean mouth routinely: poor oral hygiene, certainly has associated with bad breath. Brush your teeth, floss, and mouthwash regularly in order to keep breath fresh. If the bad breath problem persists, it could be caused by other diseases such as infectious bronchitis, sinusitis, liver or kidney. Talk to your doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

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