Calcium deficiency have a negative impact on the body. As with other types of nutrients, calcium has an important function for the body. One of them is to strengthen the structure of bones and teeth. Not only that, calcium also plays an important role in heart health and muscle throughout the body.

What is the effect of calcium deficiency? 
Loss of bone density is very dangerous. Fragile bones can lead to poor posture, back pain, pelvic fractures, and many other health problems. The function of calcium is very important for our bones. Crystals of calcium in the bones that keep bones strong. As mentioned above, calcium deficiency can cause a variety of effects. The following are some of the effects of the lack of the body's calcium levels.
  • Bone loss / osteoporosis: If the bones are not sufficient calcium deposits, there will be chaos in the metabolism of bone cells, to reduced bone volume. 

  • Muscle bones pain: body movement is determined by skeletal muscle stimulation, while stimulation of skeletal muscle calcium arises because a very important role. If the intake of calcium in the body is not sufficient, there will be pain in the skeletal muscle 

  • Disorders in the heart: The heart has a duty to defend lives. Although only the size of a fist, the heart is able to deliver blood at all times to every cell in the body. This ability comes from the contraction of the heart muscle continuously. Though the heart contraction and expansion as well as the storage and use of energy is not free from the influence of calcium. Disruptions in the heart is one of the effects of lack of calcium should be wary.

  • Decreased immunity: Lack of calcium capable of eliciting immune impairment. If the immunity deficiency body against disease, then very easily affected by various diseases that should be resisted by the immune system. 

  • Memory is reduced: Calcium ions play an important role in the process of spending and sending nerve signals. Great stimulation to the nerves of the brain closely associated with the transmission of calcium ions inside and outside the neuron. When organisms lack of calcium, dendosignal nerve stimulation also encountered resistance mechanism in the human body were also damaged. Symptoms in children easily startled, crying at night, restless, insomnia and super active.
To meet the daily calcium requirement, then the consumption of foods high in calcium must be done. Foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, salmon, soy milk and a variety of grains is mandatory menu to meet daily calcium needs. But if you feel the food eaten daily can not meet daily calcium requirements, calcium supplement is the answer. Pick a natural calcium supplements and safe for consumption.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency

For women, the dose of calcium on average 1,000-1,200 milligrams of calcium in the body. These needs are often not met in women older and younger women with poor lifestyle. Usually diet and the type of diet should be changed to return the amount of calcium in the body become abnormal. Below are the symptoms that you must know:
  1. Weak bones: Signs of calcium deficiency in women is not so visible. However, if you often feel aches or pains in the bones, should be careful. Especially if you are aged 35 years or older. 

  2. Nerve felt stiff: One sign of calcium deficiency are muscle and nerve often feels stiff and numb. This is probably due to impaired nerve signaling in the brain.

  3. Easily tired: Dizziness, lack of concentration, psychosis and fatigue was often a sign of a person's lack of calcium. This is because the brain needs calcium intake. 
If you are experiencing some of the signs above, it's good to see a doctor and perform a series of tests to determine the levels of calcium in the body. To overcome calcium deficiency, your doctor will usually give a calcium supplement. However, it is much better if you eat more foods containing vitamin D and calcium as dairy products.
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