An important benefit of watercress for the health is as an antioxidant, this is due to the high content of vitamin C in watercress. Watercress is known as a medicine for thousands of years. Starting from the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that watercress efficacious as a tonic for the brain and makes the brain to be smart. Meanwhile, the Persian mother always cooked watercress for their children so that they grow up healthy and strong. Watercress is a type of plant that grows floating in the water, often consumed as a vegetable saute and it feels somewhat similar to kale or spinach, so commonly found growing in swamps.

In addition, Watercress contains significant amounts of iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamin A. Consuming watercress, provides many benefits for our bodies, such as the source of phytochemicals, diuretic, expectorant, helps digestion, and protect the body against lung cancer. Watercress as a medicinal food are able to purify the blood, contains antioxidants free-radical scavengers, reduce fever, prevent thrush, antiseptic, eliminating phlegm and aid digestion.

Watercress benefits are:
  • Contains antioxidants that serve to counteract free radicals and boost the immune system.
  • Boost the body's metabolism and increase stamina.
  • Detoxification of body toxins
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and tumors.
  • Protect the lungs from the dangers of nicotine (smokers active / passive), as an herb for nicotine
  • Protect against lung , mouth and throat cancer.
  • Antidote to inflammation of mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.
  • Cleansing the blood / blood purifying.
  • For beauty can be used as a face mask for acne, spots, or black spots.
  • Helps reduce the risk of heart problems and stroke, also help the healing process for patients who had a stroke and heart problems.
  • Reduce the risk of cataracts and vision impairment
  • Helps reduce the risk of spina bifida (a type of disorder abnormalities of the spine).
  • Assist the work of digestion; as a laxative and launched bowel movements, as well as to maintain the health of the liver.
  • Reducing anemia disorders. 
  • Helps relieve insomnia (sleeplessness) due to nervous tension. 
  • Being able to help the formation of white blood cells and red blood cells in the bone marrow composition.
  • Act to stimulate bile production and assists in detoxification of the liver. 
  • Reduce fever, prevent thrush, antiseptic, increase sexual desire, shed urine (diuretics), eliminates phlegm. 
  • Can cure, asthma, bronchitis, skin diseases, diabetes, eczema, edema, hair loss, headache, infection, kidney stones, obesity, and tuberculosis. 
  • Useful in dealing with ulcers and warts because it is rich in antioxidants and fitiokimia. 
  • Treat patients with chronic metabolic disorders and asthenia (weakness).

Watercress nutrition facts

Nutritional value per 100 g
Energy46 kJ
Carbohydrates1.29 g
Sugars0.2 g
Dietary fiber0.5 g
Fat0.1 g
Protein2.3 g
Vitamin A equiv.160 μg
beta-carotene1914 μg
lutein and zeaxanthin5767 μg
Thiamine0.09 mg
Riboflavin0.12 mg
Pantothenic acid0.31 mg
Vitamin B60.129 mg
Folate9 μg
Vitamin C43 mg
Vitamin E1 mg
Vitamin K250 μg
Calcium120 mg
Iron0.2 mg
Magnesium21 mg
Manganese0.244 mg
Phosphorus60 mg 
Potassium330 mg
Sodium41 mg

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