Uric acid is the result of excessive consumption of purine substances, therefore we must know the purine content of the foods we eat. Purine is processed by the body into uric acid, but if excess uric acid levels, so the kidneys are unable to remove uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints. As a result the joints become painful, swollen and inflamed.

Uric acid is a disease of purine metabolic waste substances from the rest of the food we eat. Purine itself is a substance contained in any food that comes from living bodies. In other words, in the living body there is this purine substances, and because we eat living things, then these purine substances move on to our bodies. A variety of vegetables and fruits also contained purine. Purine also resulted from the destruction of body cells that occurs normally or because certain diseases. Usually uric acid attack in the elderly, because the buildup of purines.

List of foods that high in purine

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Suggestion for gout sufferers:

  • Consumption of foods containing high potassium such as potatoes, yogurt, and bananas. 
  • Consumption of fruits that contain lots of vitamin C, such as oranges, papaya and strawberries. Examples of fruit and vegetables to treat gout: dragon fruit, starfruit, ginger, pumpkin, mustard greens, chicory, lemon grass and tomato. 
  • Increase consumption of complex carbohydrates such as rice, cassava, bread and potatoes. 
  • Reduce consumption of simple carbohydrates such as fructose type of sugar, candy, cotton candy, taffy and syrup. 
  • Do not take aspirin. 
  • Do not work too hard / fatigue. 
  • In people who are overweight (obese), uric acid levels usually rise but spending a little faster, then you should lose weight with exercise. 
  • Adjust energy intake with the body's needs, based on height and weight.
Dietary restrictions for gout sufferers: 
  • Vegetables: cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, beans, oyster mushrooms, cassava leaves, papaya leaves, kale 
  • Cheese, eggs, cream, ice cream, broth or gravy is thick 
  • Certain fruits such as durian, pineapple and coconut water 
  • Fried foods, containing coconut milk or cooked by using margarine / butter
  • Foods rich in protein and fat 
  • Viscera: kidney, spleen, tripe, intestines, liver, lung and brain 
  • Seafood: shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, clams, mussels, oysters, crabs, anchovies, sardines 
  • Extracts such as shredded meat and jerky 
  • Foods that are canned (example: corned beef, sardines) 
  • Mutton, beef, horse meat 
  • Ducks, geese and turkeys 
  • Legumes: soybeans (including processed products such as tempeh, tauco, oncom, soy milk), peanuts, green beans, bean sprouts, melinjo, chips
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