Get annoyed with the appearance of stretch marks that damage the skin? Before looking for a way to get rid of it, learn first how stretch marks are formed and anyone who could potentially get it. Stretch marks are white streaks appear because the skin loses its elasticity due to the maximum stretch. When you are pregnant, the skin stretched very big stomach in quick time. In addition, the hormone glucocorticoids also affect the dermis (middle layer of skin) to produce collagen and elastic fibers. Finally, the fibers lose their elasticity making the skin broke even thinner.

There is a flurry of factors that affect the appearance of stretch marks such as heredity, hormones, nutrition, and hydration that occurs while you are pregnant. On almost all women who are pregnant, stretch marks can not be circumvented. Usually this will show up as 4-5 months gestation. It is a natural thing for a pregnant woman will experience abdominal enlargement as a sign of the growing fetus in the womb. Actually, in pregnant women who have given birth, stretch marks will fade after giving birth, but in general it can not be lost 100% because it happened tear at the subcutaneous tissue. That is why the emergence of stretch marks be something scary for pregnant women.

Causes of Stretch Mark

Stretch marks are usually caused by enlargement of the body that make the skin stretch. Certain hormones also play a role in its formation. Here is some common causes.
Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the abdominal wall stretch to accommodate the enlarging uterus. Stretch marks usually begins to form in the second trimester of pregnancy in about 50% of pregnant women.
Obesity: cause weight gain excessive fat accumulation that stretch the skin.
Puberty: During puberty, there is an increase in fat deposits and body surface area caused by the activity of growth hormone. Approximately 70% of girls aged 10-16 years affected, while only 40% of young men aged 14-20 years who are affected.
Cushing's syndrome: adrenal hormone secretion disorder is caused obesity that stretch the skin.
Bodybuilding: stretching of the skin caused by the enlargement of muscle size.
Edema: edema is the accumulation of fluid in the space between cells that can occur in all parts of the body. Edema due to kidney and liver disease can stretch the abdominal skin.
Body weight: increase or rapid weight.
Corticosteroid cream or lotion: corticosteroid drugs are used to reduce inflammation in the skin can reduce the amount of collagen in the skin. Collagen is a protein in the dermis which is required to maintain skin elasticity. Collagen deficiency increases the risk of the formation of stretch marks.
Other: all conditions that inhibit the synthesis of collagen in the skin.

Tips For Getting rid of Stretch Mark

1. Diligently applying olive oil, sunflower seed oil and non-allergenic moisturizer after bathing safe.
2. Consumption of foods that contain enough vitamin A, C and E to keep skin fresh,
3. meet the needs of protein especially albumin sufficient for skin collagen awake during pregnancy. Examples of the menu is pretty much containing albumin and egg white catfish. Fresh fruits for sources of natural vitamins like oranges, strawberries, tomatoes and so on.
4. Inadequate drinking water needs to keep skin fresh and elastic.
5. For women who are not pregnant should avoid obesity or sudden weight gain and improve healthy lifestyles by rearranging the schedule of physical exercise,
6. Notice diligently consume diet foods and drinks that contain vitamin A. C and E.
7. Use a safe skin moisturizer on the body. As far as possible do not use medicine containing steroid medication in the long term.
8. Further action to tackle strechmark technique can be done with microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser surgery by a dermatologist. But this is not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers, as it can harm the unborn baby.

Home Remedies To Get rid of Stretch Mark

Vitamin E
Full body massage with oil which is rich in vitamin E before bathing. If you run out of oil, halved vitamin E capsule and apply directly to your skin. It works just the same. In addition, eating foods rich in vitamin E as well as soy beans, carrots, red or yellow peppers, tomatoes, and oatmeal.

Cocoa butter
Apply lotion rich in cocoa butter all over the surface of the skin. The content is powerful to disguise stretch marks. Apply cocoa butter as much as 3-4 times a day, especially after bathing. Because, at that time the skin is still damp so that the lotion, will be more easily absorbed by the skin.

Milk and egg white
In addition to vitamin E and cocoa butter, milk and egg white also has properties to get rid of stretch marks. If you can not bear smell of egg white, add a few drops of vitamin E oil, lavender, castor, or almond, then apply the mixture to the surface of the skin as a mask. Let stand for 15-20 minutes before washing. Then, rub cocoa butter lotion all over the body

Coffee powder can also be an effective exfoliating mask. The trick, grind coffee beans and add a few grains of sugar. Mix with baby lotion and rub gently on the skin that looks her stretch marks. Do not press, because the skin may blister made​​. Use this mask once a week for 2-3 months.

Shea butter
You also can choose shea butter lotion, rich in vitamins E and A. In addition to eliminating stretch marks, this lotion also makes the skin soft and supple leather tub baby. Apply lotion as much as two to three times a day, especially after bathing.

Green Vegetables
Eating green vegetables, and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, are also able to disguise stretch marks. Cigarettes and alcohol can remove essential the body moisturizer, so make stretch marks more visible and under. Also, avoid exercising too heavy which resulted in drastic weight. Therefore, it also triggered the appearance of stretch marks.

Keep the body hydrated by consuming 8-10 glasses of water per day, to keep skin supple.

How to Prevent Stretch Mark During pregnancy

To prevent or minimize stretch marks during pregnancy, you can try the following tips:

• Increase of skin elasticity from within the body
This can be done by taking a lot of vitamins and minerals that will make your skin becomes elastic. Or it could be a natural way, you can increase the consumption of vegetables, drink water and fruit consumption.

• Keep the skin to keep it moist
The way by rubbing lotion on your skin. Or you can also use anti-stretch mark cream specifically for pregnant women. These creams usually have more moisture than regular cream. The use of this cream should start early, since your content is still small and has not occurred stretching.

• Care after birth
After giving birth, you can still use the cream or can use olive oil or sandalwood oil. However, if the stretch marks have been raised, it is usually rather difficult to eliminate completely.
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