There are many tips to get rid of sleepiness. In general, sleepiness is a signal from the brain indicating that the body needs to be rested. Sleepiness during and after the lunch hour affect their performance. Sleepiness and fatigue can affect quality of life, safety, and productivity. Daytime sleepiness may disclose certain health conditions that can cause other health problems.

Is coffee is the only solution to get rid of sleepiness at work? Apparently not. For those who do not like coffee, or can not get a cup of coffee to stay awake, do easy way with out of the room and a breath of fresh air 20 minutes. This action has the same effect as drinking a cup of coffee.

Caffeinated beverages indeed can prevent drowsiness. However you should be aware of side effects, ranging from cut your sleep time, disrupting the cycle and lowering the quality of your sleep.

Causes of Sleepiness

Some causes excessive sleepiness such as:
1. Lack of sleep
The main problem that causes people sleepy is a lack of sleep, either because it is a lot of work or for other reasons. Stress can also cause people difficulty sleeping at night and sleepy during the day, as well as a variety of health problems like frequent urinating, stomach acid reflux and chest pain.

2. Indiscriminate sleeping habits
Humans have cycles that govern when to feel sleepy and when to be awake. This cycle can be disrupted by Indiscriminate sleeping habits or unplanned, whether time, place and atmosphere. Examples asleep while watching TV or while lying on the couch.

3. Sleep apnea (snoring)
If you need to sleep for 7-8 hours in a day are fulfilled but still feel sleepy, then it most likely is not quality sleep. Sleep quality can be reduced due to snoring, for channel congestion and breathing during sleep the body does not receive enough oxygen supply.

4. Side effects of drugs
Several types of drugs such as allergy and antidepressants have side effects drowsiness, so it is not recommended to be taken while driving a motor vehicle or running engine. But if sleepiness interfere with other activities, consult your doctor to be replaced with other drugs.

5. Working on the night shift
Coming home from work on the night shift, usually sleeping during the day. Even if the totalized amount sufficient sleep time, sometimes people are still sleepy. This is caused by the disruption of the biological clock, especially if too frequent changes between day and night shifts.

6. Narcolepsy
This rare disease that causes the sufferer suddenly feels tired, sometimes accompanied by sudden muscle paralysis. Sufferers can also suddenly collapsed while running or while experiencing a surge of emotion overwhelming, such as laughing or crying. Although quite extreme, narcolepsy can be cured with medication.

7. Brain concussion
If within 2x24 hours experience excessive sleepiness accompanied by a bump on the head, you should check yourself into the hospital, especially if you have had a previous hit on the head. Complications concussion sometimes not only characterized by nausea, but can also trigger drowsiness.

Tips To Get Rid Of Sleepiness

Enough Sleep
This is the main cause why you feel sleepy, even arguably super sleepy. Try to sleep 8 hours a day, and make it a habit to sleep at 9 pm, because time is the most optimal time to sleep. Besides being able to make you lose your sleepiness, sleep enough according to the study can also eliminate other diseases like stress, high blood pressure and others.

Drink Coffee or Tea
Tea or coffee is proven to eliminate sleepiness because it contains caffeine which can stimulate your brain refreshed. But remember, do not drink too much coffee because too much coffee may have implications for a variety of other diseases, especially stomach.

Drinking a glass of Water
It can make you fresh again because of fluid in your body back to normal. Try to drink 8 glasses of pure water a day.

Wash your face
It's also one of the most effective ways. To be more effective, try to wash your face with cold water.

Deep Breathe
According to research, when you yawning mean oxygen levels in your brain is being reduced. Since yawning is also one of the characteristics you're sleepy. To fix this, try breathing deeply to stand for about 5 seconds and then exhale for 5 seconds, do this a few times until it makes you feel refreshed.

Rest for a moment
When you're working or studying, try to get some rest. The best way to relax is to do gymnastics warm-up exercises like stretching the arms, legs, waist, or shaking your head.

Keep the room bright
When you work the room bright, your brain will respond better and make your eyes do not feel sleepy. For that, try working desk close to a light source such as a window or lamp

When you're talking, your brain will feel better for doing activities in your mind. But let's not talk in front of The Boss or your teacher, you might even scolded.

By exercising you will feel better and make your sleep more soundly at night. Not only that, various kinds of diseases will be away from you.

Sleep is the most powerful way to get rid of your sleepiness. Because when you are sleepy means your brain tells you to sleep.
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