Healthy food is determined by the ingredients and cooking methods. Some trivial things can affect the health of the family and physical fitness. Food products that are rich in nutrients can actually turn out to be less healthy foods when cooked in a wrong way. Though there is a way to process the food was delicious but still healthy.

Cooking methods with high temperatures can destroy vitamins in vegetables, especially vitamin C, folate, and potassium, to 20 percent. Perhaps this is why the followers of the raw food diet believe the best way to present the food is not cooked.

Even so, research shows that most of the food would be more nutritious after cooking, such as carrots, spinach, and tomatoes. The cooking process will help release antioxidants by destroying the cell wall so important substances in vegetables is more easily absorbed by the body.

Healthy Cooking Methods

Here are 7 methods of cooking that are considered most healthful:

1. Using the microwave
Cooking with a microwave is probably the most healthy for a short cooking time so the damage nutrients, fewer. Research shows the most appropriate cooking vegetables is by microwave. Broccoli, for example, the vitamin C content is more optimal if cooked by microwave. Raw foods cooked by microwave it can be dry, but it can be prevented by adding a little water before it is heated. Make sure you are using special food container for microwave.

2. Boiling
Boiling is an easy and fast way. You only need to add water and a little salt. However, the high temperatures and large quantities of water can reduce the amount of water soluble vitamins and minerals in vegetables by 70 percent. More advisable to boil carrots, broccoli, or zucchini (green vegetables like cucumbers).

3. Steam
Almost all kinds of food from vegetables to fish are steamed match. With this cooking method the original food flavor and nutrients remain intact.

4. Boil with a little water
Boil with a little water (poaching) is the recommended way to foods such as fish, eggs, or fruits.

5. Grill
grill is the recommended way to get a taste of the meat stays fresh and soft. But some of the research mentioned way of cooking can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer and cancer payduara. grill at high temperatures will produce a chemical reaction between the fat and protein in meat so as to produce a toxin that would destroy the balance of antioxidants in the body. It is known to trigger diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

6. Sauteing
This method only requires little cooking oil. Most of the food are matched cooked with this way.

7. Not cooked (Raw foods)
Raw food diet is popular lately. Followers of this diet claim is the most healthy way for vitamins, minerals, fiber, and enzymes in vegetables is not lost. Even so some research mention eating raw foods will make us lose the antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes and the carrots or spinach.

Tips On Healthy Cooking

Here are some tips on healthy cooking

1. Fresh ingredients
To produce healthy foods, use of materials from fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh ingredients will produce a lot of good nutrition. Avoid using materials that have been processed or stored longer. It is possible nutritional value has gone down.

2. Use a little oil
If the family likes sauteed or fried dishes, notice the use of cooking oil. Do not serve fried food much too often. Use as little oil for cooking. Because the consumption of excess fat without realizing risk for the disease, and obesity.

3. Advanced cookware
Use cookware was also affecting the quality of the food. Cooking with a pressure cooker or microwave oven can be an alternative to save time and nutrition.

4. Include fruits and vegetables skin
Eating fruits and vegetables will be healthier if accompanied by skin. Because the skin of fruits and vegetables are high nutrient content. But, while cooking, make sure you wash fruits and vegetables.

5. Manage Remaining Materials
We are often buy in large quantities, but cooking ingredients that need not necessarily cover everything. To avoid wasteful, you can handle it by making curry, soup, or other preparations to reduce waste due to rotting vegetables left in the refrigerator too long.
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