There are some tips to get rid of swelling naturally. Swelling or medically called as Edema is swelling that characterized by an excessive build up of fluids within body tissues which leads to growth of your body parts to twice the size of what they used to be. Injury, infection, eczema, allergic reaction, insect bite, pregnancy, and poor kidney and liver conditions are some of the major causes of swelling. Legs and feet, organs, skin, glands, breasts, and ankles are the areas commonly affected by swelling.

Usually the swelling will go away by itself. To avoid excessive swelling should reduce salt intake in the diet and avoiding smoking. Both of these cause problems in circulating in the body.

Causes of Swelling

Common causes for edema include:
1. Consuming too much salt.
2. Exposure to sunlight.
3. Experiencing health problems such as cirrhosis, kidney disease or heart failure.
4. Was pregnant.
5. Having trouble lymph nodes.
6. Reaction by taking certain medicines.

Tips To Get Rid of Swelling Naturally

1. Hot Cold Therapy
Immediately after the injury, a combination of cold and hot substances rubbed into the affected area is a sure shot technique to lessen the impact of injury and constrain the pain from getting severe. Both hot and cold therapies work in tandem to move that blood out of the affected area and reduce the pain. Always start and end with cold therapy. This is how it goes - cold hot cold hot cold - with 3-5 minutes for each session.

2. Tonic water
Soak feet in tonic water (carbonated beverages containing quinine). This natural way to reduce the inflammation that occurs in the feet and slowly heal the swollen.

3. Grapefruit oil
There are two ways you can do to cure swollen feet with grapefruit oil. First, in a water bath which was given a few drops of grapefruit oil. Or grapefruit oil rubbed directly on the swollen foot.

4.Salt Water
Just like grapefruit oil, salt water can also be used as an alternative to cure swollen feet. If the swelling is severe enough, a better option bath so that the foot can recover as usual.

5. Massage
Do not be ashamed to tell your problems swollen feet massage expert. They will know how to cure it in no time. For pregnant women, try contacting an expert massage or a special deal with pregnant women.

6. Apply Ice
Good old chilly way to ease pain — ice. Applying ice pack to the swollen area will kick that pain right out of you. Take some cubes from the freezer and put them in a towel and rub it on the affected area, if you don’t have an ice pack.

7. Medical Stocking
There are many medical stockings sold in the market and is recommended to be used to cope with swollen feet. You could consider buying stocking health.

8. Lifting the foot
Since gravity is the cause of edema, try to lift or reposition feet higher than the body. For example, lying on a mattress and a pillow supporting legs were a bit high.

9. Swim
Swimming also helps you heal leg was swollen. Because swimming makes legs kept moving and floats in the water helps the body against gravity better.

10. Drink plenty of water
Lastly, do not be lazy to drink water so that the foot is not swollen. If you get bored with water, you can add the cucumber and lemon into it. Because both of these foods is a good anti-inflammatory agent.

11. Balanced Diet
Consume balanced and proportionate diet. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. A healthy you will function more effectively than an unhealthy you. Decrease the intake of salt, as it can absorb quite an amount of fluids inside you and leave you dehydrated. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and caffeine as all of them aggravate swelling.

For a prolonged swelling that doesn’t go away even after proper rest and treatment, You should calls for expert medical advise. A number of home based remedies are available to provide you instant relief. However, if the condition and pain still persists, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Continue reading to know about the ways to reduce swelling.
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