There are many ways to get rid of fatigue. Fatigue or extreme tiredness is actually not something unfamiliar. Each person has experienced, just sometimes do not realize what the cause. Fatigue greatly affect the productivity of everyday life. Some people often feel tired all the time. Naturally, if fatigue is not caused by physical activity. But fatigue can also be caused by certain medical conditions. In order to overcome the fatigue that is not fair, it is necessary to determine the cause.

Fatigue, in the common standard does not require special treatment to overcome. Let yourself relax and rest awhile can usually eliminate fatigue, and you are ready to activity again.

Causes of fatigue

Not getting enough sleep
It seems familiar, lack of sleep affects concentration and health. Fatigue will also appear when the body has trouble sleeping.

Sleep Apnea
Many people believe you have enough sleep, but sleep apnea strikes. Those who experience it actually stops breathing several times a night. And every time the breath stops, meaning they are awake. However, they did not realize had been awakened from sleep. The result is a lack of sleep, despite lying down for eight hours in bed.

Not enough fuel
The fuel here means that the food intake. Eating too little causes extreme fatigue. Eating a balanced diet will keep your blood sugar in normal dap prevent "floating feeling" when the blood sugar down.

According to WebMD, anemia is one cause of fatigue in women. Blood loss during menstruation can lead to iron deficiency. In fact, enough red blood cells needed to carry oxygen throughout the body.

Depression not only affects the emotional, but also physical.
Fatigue, headaches, and loss of appetite are the most common symptoms seen when someone is experiencing depression.

Too much caffeine
Alertness and concentration, if consumed in normal amounts. Caffeine is a problem if taken too much because it will increase the heart rate, blood pressure, and trigger nervousness. Research also shows that too much caffeine makes the drinker feel very tired.

In people with diabetes, high blood sugar and abnormal blood settle in the channel and does not enter the body's cells. And that's blood sugar is converted into energy. The result is a body of a lack of energy, although well fed. If you are experiencing fatigue and unexplained continuous, consult a doctor, who knows you have diabetes.

Fatigue can be caused by dehydration. Whatever type of work, your body needs water to keep normal work. Feeling thirsty? Means dehydration has already hit.

Heart disease
Fatigue that strikes when you're doing home activities or gardening, can be a sign that there are problems with the heart. If you are the harder to accomplish tasks that once could be done easily, perhaps you should consult a doctor about the possibility of heart disease.

Tips To Get Rid of Fatigue

Here are some quick ways you can do to increase energy in order to get rid of fatigue:

1. Breakfast High Fiber and High Carbohydrate
Get used breakfast high in fiber and high in carbohydrates can increase short-term energy and long term. The food choices such as whole wheat bread baked good or high-fiber cereal to increase fiber and carbohydrates at breakfast.

2. Eating Food That Energized
Eat a healthy snack containing protein and complex carbohydrates to boost energy instantly. The combination of protein and complex carbohydrates are digested more slowly than simple carbohydrates.

3. Set aside time for rest
Perform a short break and do something for a few minutes can help to overcome fatigue. Take a break for a few minutes can increase your energy immediately, and make a habit of resting time to keep the energy in the long term.

4. Meditation
"Fatigue can be overcome with a light meditation. Meditation mini can significantly reduce fatigue. A 3 minute meditation is an effective way to cool off. Meditation mini is also easy to do anywhere." Judith said Orloff.MD. assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California Los Angeles.

5. Doing Physical Activity for a moment
Stop for a moment of rushing for 10 minutes to perform light physical activity can increase energy instantly. Doing light activity, such as can be with a walk around the office hallways. Even walking for 10 minutes can help overcome feelings of fatigue. Exercise restore the energy you have to spend. Physical activity makes you alert and energized.

6. Stay away from stress.
That means learning to not think about problems beyond your capabilities. Concentrate yourself on the things that you can set.

7. Drink enough water, avoid dehydration
Dehydration is a major cause of fatigue, therefore drink at least eight glasses a day. Reduce drinking coffee because coffee drinking more than a cup a day keeps the body loses fluids drastically.

8. Enough sleep
Sleep is also an important factor. Make sure the sleep time and sleep for at least 6-8 hours. You should also avoid oversleeping as this can also cause fatigue. With the right amount of sleep and time to sleep, you'll be able to feel more refreshed and energized every time waking up in the morning.

9. Perform breathing techniques
Perform breathing techniques to overcome fatigue,. Many people take short, shallow breaths, this will reduce the amount of oxygen absorbed by the body so it makes your lungs and your heart work harder. With proper breathing techniques will prevent the body from getting tired. Therefore, rather than taking short, shallow breaths, try to breathe long and deep. Remember that you have to breathe through your nose and remove it through the mouth.

10. Create variations of daily activities
When the fatigue caused by intensive activity, it is necessary to carry out your daily activities variations. Try to rearrange your daily schedule a little and often, do something new in the your daily life. Too much routine will make you bored, and makes us tired and stressed.

Fruit And Vitamin That Can Get Rid Of Fatigue

Fatigue not only make you sleepy, but also can lead to more serious chronic condition in which case, you should immediately consult a doctor. Here are some types of vitamins contained in certain fruits that can help in regaining your energy:

1. Vitamin A
Give a small fruit with great benefits, because it contains a lot of antioxidants and of course a source of energy. According to MedlinePlus, carbohydrate is the largest source of energy for the body, and the majority of the calories contained in the berries come from carbohydrates.

In addition, berries such as loganberries, blueberries and boysenberries are rich vitaminn A that helps the body maintain healthy tissues, and dr. Susan M. Lark said in The Menopause Self Help Book, that vitamin A is one of the vitamins and minerals that can help eliminate fatigue. In addition, berries are also rich in folic acid and vitamin C.

2. Vitamin C
According to experts from the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), Vitamin C helps fight chronic fatigue by increasing endurance. Vitamin C may also support the immune system. Another positive impact of vitamin C is able to fight fatigue that plagued you.

UMMC recommends taking vitamin C as much as 250 milligrams to 500 milligrams twice a day to help increase energy levels. Various types of fruit such as strawberries, oranges, and guava are the best source of vitamin C for the body. A cup full of strawberry juice contains approximately 85 milligrams of vitamin C and a medium-sized orange contains 70 milligrams of vitamin C, whereas a cup of guava juice contains vitamin C of 350 milligrams. Other fruit also contains vitamin C, among others, passion fruit, kiwi, lemon, and grapefruit. 3.

3. Vitamin B
Vitamin B is also a type of vitamin that can help you overcome problems of psychological symptoms associated with fatigue, such as feelings of sadness and lack of motivation, by helping the brain in the produce chemicals such as serotonin which can directly affect mood or mood.

Vitamin B helps in fighting the fatigue include pyridoxine or vitamin B6; thiamine or vitamin B1; vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, and biotin or B7. In addition, dr. Lark explained that the copy of B vitamins work together to perform basic metabolic functions that regulate the level of vitality and energy of your body.

B vitamins help your body convert food into fuel that produces energy. Discover the types of vitamins in fruits such as avocados, bananas, dates, guava, lychee, mango, pomegranate, and passion fruit.
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