There are several ways to get rid of bruised eyes with natural ways. Bruised eye usually occurs, if the eye hit or knock blunt object. It is certainly dangerous and can interfere with performance. Bruised eye occurs when the tissue around the eye injury. It usually takes about a week to make the bruises is gone and the blood is absorbed back into the body.

Causes of Bruised Eye

Bruised eyes, starting with the eyelids and surrounding areas are a bluish black, and develop into purple. If approaching cured, the color will change to yellow. There are several factors that can cause Bruised eyes, like a a blow in the nose or around the eyes because the fluid will gather in the loose tissue of the eyelids, face multiple surgical procedures, or a particular type of head injury called basilar skull fracture.

Tips To Get Rid of Bruised Eye Naturally

Here are tips to get rid of bruised eyes

1. Ice cube
This is the classic way that has been frequently used by many women. compress with ice cubes. However, to speed up the process, first by rinsing your face with cold water in the bath. Attaching an ice bag wrapped in a thin cloth to the area around the bruised eyes without giving a lot of pressure. It is useful to reduce swelling and stop the internal bleeding. If the eye is very Bruised, place ice bags over the eyes or the area around the forehead. Do not put ice too long in the same position, it is better to use a 10-minute interval and then repeat it again.

Try sticking an ice bag is not in a sleeping position, but raise the position of the head with a pillow to reduce swelling.

2. Parsley leaves
Can also use parsley plant, because it has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. Grind some chopped parsley mixed with ice cubes, then pour into the plastics and place in the fridge until cold. After becoming ice, take some parts and wrap in a cloth and apply on the area around the Bruised as a cold compress. But remember not too long left the a compress.

3. Potato
Potato is a good ingredient that can be used in the treatment of black or bruised eyes. Take a medium sized potato, peel it and cut it into round thick slices. Put the potato slices in the refrigerator for half an hour. Now place a slice of cold potato over your eyes for half an hour. This remedy will help to reduce the swelling as well as the pain. Else you can grate a potato to squeeze out the juice and then apply it to the eye. Instead of potato you can also use a cucumber or chilled tea bags for the same result.

4. Arnica
Arnica is a kind of herb that can reduce the swelling that generally happens when you have a black eye. Arnica can also decrease the inflammation by increasing the blood circulation of the affected skin area. It will also heal the eye muscles and any other tissue that may have got damaged. So, as soon as you have a black eye, start using arnica to prevent the bruise from getting worse. Arnica is available in topical creams and ointments that can be applied on the eyes two to three times a day. At the same time you can also use Arnica oil to gently massage the affected area.

5. Do not be too strong exhale through the nose, because it can cause capillaries to bleed again. This will make the healing process longer and Bruised will be even greater.

6. If you experience pain or swelling caused by bleeding in the tissues around the eyes, then do not occasionally use aspirin to ease it. Because aspirin has anticoagulant properties that can prevent blood clotting, so it can grow and Bruised heal more slowly. Try to take paracetamol or acetaminophen.

7. Protecting the area around the Bruised from the risks of injury to others, therefore avoiding physical activity or exercise is at risk of contact with eyes thus causing back injuries.
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