Excess fat in the arms is often a problem, especially for women. Arm fat makes look less attractive, especially when wearing a sleeveless dress. In fact, fat arms is more common in women than men. This is because man is more frequently lifting weights, than woman. Although already losing weight, sometimes fat in the arm never lost. To get rid of the fat that sagged in the arm, that you need to do is build muscle. By developing the muscles, the body will burn more calories, even while you're sleeping.

Arm Fat Causes

There are three main factors deposition of fat in arms:
  • Genetic factors. See family members, usually if they have a big arm, so we will suffer the same fate. The same gene is usually also determines the level of flexibility of our body.
  • Obesity. A person is overweight is because of the amount of excess fat in the body. Besides in stomach, arms also a place of fat.
  • Lack of muscle mass. If your weight is normal but still have arm fat, the other possibility is a lack of muscle mass in the arms.

Tips To Get Rid Of Arm Fat

1. If you are overweight, it is necessary to diet for reducing fat in the body. Follow a diet low glycemic index (GI) by eating lots of protein and vegetables. Avoid any drinks that contain artificial sweeteners such as sodas and drinks that contain sugar.

2. If your weight is normal but still have a lot of fat in the arms, then exercise is the right solution. The type of exercise you should do is weight training. Do not be afraid to be muscular arms because it will only happen if you train with weights that very heavy.

3. Barbell exercises and weightlifting
There are some weight training to do to burn fat in the arms, such as barbells and weightlifting. There are three main areas of the arm that can isolate and strengthen the muscles, the biceps, triceps and shoulders. By doing this exercise, the body will be difficult to store fat in the arm because the muscles are always working.

4. Push up
Push ups are an effective way to burn arms fat. If you want to do exercises that will work the biceps, triceps and forearms at the same time, you should do some push ups. Doing this exercise will help to burn calories and strengthen your back and help you losing weight.

5. Aerobic
Fat in the arm can also be burned with cardio exercises such as aerobics. You can do by watching video or take aerobics classes. Dancing, running and other cardio exercise to burn fat in the arm. Doing it on a regular basis will not only help eliminate fat in the arm, but it will also help you lower your overall body fat.

4. Eat healthy foods and balanced
You can lose fat in the arm with a start replacing unhealthy diet. Fruits and vegetables are healthier than processed foods such as candy or chips. Baked food is higher in protein, vitamins and minerals than fried foods will help you lose fat and arm. You have to pay attention how much sugar and fat that you eat.

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