Various research activities conclude behind the spicy taste, cayenne pepper has many benefits, especially for health. Can reduce the risk of cancer, lower cholesterol levels in the blood and can heal the wounds.

Results of laboratory research in the UK found that the content of capsaicin in cayenne pepper that cause a sense of spicy, can kill cancer cells without damaging normal cells. So it is no wonder why some cancer cases in Mexico and India, where people eat lots of spicy food, less than Western countries, where people tend to not like spicy food.

Meanwhile, two research by a team from Australia was also revealed, adding cayenne pepper in every cuisine can lower cholesterol levels in the blood. The results also explain, spicy foods can also stabilize insulin levels in the blood.

In the dose that is not excessive, spicy foods beneficial to the stomach. Thus the results of the study by a team of researchers from Hungary. Capsaicin can reduce stomach acid and serve as anti-inflammatory.

Nutrition Fact of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne peppers have amazingly very high levels of vitamins and minerals. Just 100 g provides (in % of Recommended daily allowance):
127% of vitamin-C (Ascorbic acid),
39% of vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine),
54% of niacin,
71% of riboflavin,
1387% of vitamin A,
97.5% of iron,
41% of copper,
43% of potassium,
but no cholesterol.

Health benefits of Cayenne pepper

• Improve blood circulation
Cayenne pepper increases blood circulation in the body. Which in turn can help prevent low blood pressure problems. It also helps to prevent blood stagnation problems.

• Relieves muscle pain
Cayenne pepper is rich in capsaicin, these substances can help to relieve pain and muscle spasm problems. It also helps to relieve joint pain in arthritis condition.

• Helps detoxify
Cayenne pepper is known as a circulatory stimulant for the body. It helps to assist the body's digestive system. It helps in cleansing and detoxification processes, helping to sweat excessively, which is also good for detoxification.

• Helps you lose weight
Cayenne pepper is rich in antioxidants, which help to increase the body's metabolic rate. Consuming cayenne pepper in the diet can also help in losing weight and burn off excess fat from the body.

• Maintain a healthy heart
Cayenne pepper helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol from the body. Which in turn prevents the risk of heart disease. Cayenne pepper also helps to lower blood pressure, body, thus providing benefits for heart health.

• Helps in Allergies
Cayenne pepper has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in skin allergic conditions. It also helps to relieve the pain caused by arthritis conditions.

• Helps to treat colds and flu
Cayenne pepper helps reduce the formation of dense mucus that cause colds. in the presence of capsaicin contained therein. So that cayenne pepper can also relieve nasal congestion.
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