Head lice is a terrible problem for your hair. If you have problems with head lice, surely you will find a way to get rid of it immediately. Because lice can not only make your hair is not healthy but it makes your scalp itchy and want to scratch it, because lice are one of the insects that suck the blood of your head skin. Serious problem is when you're having head lice, you will not be able to fully concentrate on what you're doing. Especially if lice attacked the children, the child's work for entire world is definitely going down because he could not concentrate.

Head lice are very small in size, for males have a size of about 2 mm, while for females a little bit larger because the females usually contain a lot of eggs in his stomach. Reproduces itself very quickly because once the female incubate the eggs quite a lot.

Head lice usually appear because of contracting skin of your head when you are sleeping with someone who has head lice, and if you also do not frequent shampooing, this is the most convenient place for the small insects.

Tips to Get Rid of Head Lice

1. Using Head Lice Comb
This method is a method that has long applied a lot of people use it because it proved to be lifted directly head lice and their eggs because children comb spacing is tight. To use a head lice comb, make sure your hair is not in a tangle because it can make you sick to shed your hair when you comb it.

2. Using Shallots
This method is also commonly applied by the old people we used to be, Take 5 shallots and puree until completely smooth. Then apply on the base of the hair to the tip of your hair. Then massage your scalp to become more pervasive and benefits, can be quickly felt.

3. Using Coconut Oil
Coconut oil can kill head lice because it makes the little insect is dehydrated and die. How, apply coconut oil from the base to the tip of the hair. Then cover your head with a plastic shower cap, leave it for 6 hours, then clean your hair with shampoo. The way should you do it at night so as not to disrupt your activities and should be done for the week.

4. Using White Vinegar
This white vinegar to disinfect your scalp from hair lice eggs remaining skin of your head because the white vinegar has substances that can thwart hatching the eggs head lice. Simply apply at the base to the tip of your hair, leave for up to 2 hours. Then rinse your hair with clean water. This method should also be done up to 3 times to ensure that no further head lice eggs that can hatch.

Tips to Prevent Head Lice

Well, if the head lice are gone from your head. Now is the time to make sure that you or your family will never contracted head lice again. The trick is:

1. Apply to cope with head lice on a regular basis, a case of using coconut oil once a month. It is expected that if there is some head lice can simply die before they become more and more.

2. Do not sleep close to people who have head lice because head lice can jump.

3. Check your family, is to ensure that your family has been infected by head lice another anything yet. If so, do immediately above handling.

4. Separate your goods, do not ever put your hat or scarf at the same place, let alone the same place with the stuff people have fleas because fleas can jump easily if adjacent.
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