Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and has many benefits for health and beauty. In the outer layer contained lycopene, an antioxidant that can prevent many types of cancer. Can also be processed into a variety of refreshing beverages and foods that can shake up the tongue.

The shape, color, flavor, and texture of tomatoes is very diverse. There is a round, flat round, curly, or like a light bulb. Ripe fruit colors vary from yellow, orange, to red, depending on the type of the dominant pigment. Sense also varies, from sour to sweet. The fruits are arranged in clusters. Overall fleshy fruit and a lot of water.

Nutrient Content of Tomato

Tomatoes contain vitamin C which is higher than oranges. Based on a research known that the red tomatoes are full of vitamin C and vitamin A. The more ripe tomatoes, vitamin content was also increased. Tomatoes are not only rich in vitamin A and vitamin C alone. Apparently tomatoes also contain lycopene, a kind of anti-oxidants that are very useful to destroy free radicals caused by pollution from vehicles, cigarette smoke and other harmful substances that enter the body. Lycopene is also known to play an active role in preventing cell damage that can lead to cancer, such as prostate cancer, cervical cancer and so on. But not only that, outside of tomato seed gel efficacious to prevent blood clots that can cause heart disease and stroke.

Tomato juice contains vitamins and minerals that are complete enough. From 100 grams of tomato juice will be obtained 7 mg calcium, 15 mg phosphorus, 0.9 mg iron, 230 mg sodium and 230 mg potassium. Vitamins are contained in 100 grams of tomato juice is vitamin A (1,050 IU), vitamin B1 (0.05 mg), vitamin B2 (0.03 mg), and vitamin C (16 mg).

Tomato Benefits for Health

1. Sources of Antioxidants
Tomatoes contain lycopene which is an antioxidant that can protect the body from free radicals substances. Free radicals are very dangerous because DAPT slowly destroy tissue cells, causing various types of statement,.

2. Keeping Heart Health
High blood pressure and cholesterol can be minimized with potassium and B vitamins contained in tomatoes. Butter that these compounds can also prevent other statement, such as stroke and heart attack.

3. Natural Vitamin Sources
One of tomatoes alone can meet 40% of the daily requirement of vitamin C for the body. Besides tomatoes also contain a fair amount of vitamin K and iron.

4. Relieves Diabetes
A study was made by Jouurnal of the American Medical Association showed that eating at least 2 tomatoes every day can reduce oxidative stress type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of Tomato for Beauty

1. Healthy hair
The content of vitamin A during which only considered good for eye health, it is also good for the health and strength of hair.

2. Brighten face
Cover your skin with tomatoes and let stand for about 10 minutes and then note the difference. Your skin will look brighter in an instant shine.

3. Smooth the face
You simply put water tomato juice on the face. In the meantime, to brighten the skin, use the tomatoes that have been destroyed.

4. Treating Acne
Boil the tomatoes, then cut into pieces. Rub a slice of tomato on the acne. Let stand ten minutes, rinse face with water. Perform routine until the acne is gone.

5. Reduce Blackheads
Tomatoes are also useful to reduce blackheads. The trick, tomato puree and mix with honey. Spread the mixture on your face and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Unlike other vegetables, tomatoes benefits are not reduced when cooked. Instead, it is suggested that instead of tomato processed first. Substances contained in tomatoes useful for destroying free radicals when cooked.
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