Pilates can be a safe alternative exercise during pregnancy, in order pregnant women are always active and overcome some of the complaints during pregnancy such as fatigue, leg swelling, or pain in the waist, to the body easily tired.

Pilates, body building methods that focus on strength training (especially in the abdomen) and respiratory, safely performed by pregnant women. Only the frequency and intensity of Pilates during pregnancy is adjusted for each individual's comfort level.

Here are benefits of Pilates for pregnant women:

1. Keeping the weight
When you are pregnant is not recommended diet. But that does not mean body weight can not be controlled. Pilates exercises can help you maintain your weight during pregnancy. By doing pilates routine, active body so that your metabolism awake. As a result, accumulation of fat in the body is reduced.

2. Overcoming the tired body
Movement Pilates helps maintain stamina safely. Stamina is required pregnant women to cope with fatigue during pregnancy. Pregnant women are more prone to fatigue due to working organ in the body of pregnant women becomes more severe. Therefore pregnant women need more calories than usual. In fact, some experts claim that is used for pregnant women calories equal calories used by marathon runners.

3. Free varicose veins, leg cramps and swelling
Leg movements while practicing pilates will improve blood circulation. Pilates exercise large muscles and ankle muscles. Because the blood flow smoothly, freely leg swelling and cramping.

4. Keeping your posture
During pregnancy, the body posture changes naturally. Enlarged abdomen shifts the load point on the body. These changes have an impact on the joints and muscles of the body. Pilates Exercise offsetting changes in body posture. In effect, the body does not get sick or sore.

5. Easily restore your body shape
Some women do not want to be fat because of pregnancy. This concern can be overcome with pilates. Pregnancy makes the muscles relax. Therefore, during pregnancy you should still maintain muscle performance. So you can easily restore your pre-pregnancy body shape.

6. Pain-free
Your baby's growth will cause stomach getting bigger. In effect, the larger the waist covered free. Pilates, which focuses on strength training your abdominal muscles, helping to reduce the burden on the back waist.

7. Keeping the mood
During pregnancy, tend to be short of breath, step harder. Daily activities, including mood, disturbed by it. Pilates makes the limbs active. Delivery of energy in the body is maintained thanks to Pilates, as a result you stay fit during pregnancy.

8. Improve quality of sleep
Typically, in the third trimester, pregnant women getting hard to define a comfortable sleeping position. Pilates exercise regularly launch respiratory and circulatory. As a result, you feel more relaxed and comfortable, sleep quality was further improved.

9. Reduce stress after the birth
Stamina is back-tested postpartum. The pregnancy for nine months to drain stamina, so even during childbirth. Mom will experience sustained tired from pregnancy to delivery if you do not maintain fitness. Movement Pilates during pregnancy helps the body active and dynamic. The body to be fit, and you are better prepared physically and mentally in labor until the baby postpartum care.
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