Men and women have different body postures, as well as their metabolic systems. Therefore, a diet that women do not always succeed if applied by men. Here's a healthy diet and appropriate for men:

1. Heart healthy diet
Men are prone to heart attacks. Because more fat in their bodies much accumulates in the blood vessels. Therefore, a healthy heart diet best suited men do. Foods such as lean meat, egg whites, and low fat milk and diet are serving mandatory one.

2. Diets high in protein
Men are known to consume more protein than women. Maximize protein intake balanced with exercise will make the ideal male body and muscular look. But do not forget to continue to enjoy the intake of other nutrients though protein is the highest consumption in a healthy diet.

3. Paleo diet
Paleo diet is a diet that adapted the habits of human life in the Paleolithic era. As cavemen, they used to only eat vegetables, fruits, meat, and eggs. No excessive additives such as sugar, salt, butter, or food innovations such as cheese and bread consumed. Paleo diet do men fit for being able to shed more fat in their bodies naturally.

4. Abs Diet
Men tend to hate belly fat and obsessed with the form of a six pack. Therefore, a suitable diet for a man like this is the type of abs. By eating lots of vegetables and fruits and enjoy virtually no carbohydrates, lean man will be fast in a short time.

5. Zone diet
Lastly, there is a focus on the zone diet metabolism optimally. The trick is to measure the nutritional intake with complex, for example, 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat and 40 percent carbohydrates and balanced with regular exercise.

Consumption of nutritious foods with appropriate portion can improve men's health and help them maintain a healthy weight. There are also special foods that not only improve the health of men in general, but also help prevent cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease, and increase energy.
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