Too often eat junk food can make a variety of serious diseases come to the body. Unfortunately, many can not avoid junk food because generally, these foods have the aroma and taste tempting. Even so, there are some tips to reduce junk food eating habits. Reputation junk food is famously bad. Besides being able to make obesity, junk food can also damage the brain. According to the study, junk food can also cause dementia with high blood pressure and cholesterol that block blood flow to the brain.

Here are tips to reduce eat junk foods:

Do not Skip Breakfast
When you wake up, the body's intake of food shortages because of hours of sleep that long. For that reason, consuming breakfast is important because it can make you feel energized until lunchtime.

Healthy Snacks
Eating a snack in the middle of meals give a sense of fullness in the stomach. However, choose healthy foods in small portions to be consumed as snacks such as nuts or fruits.

Relieve emotions
The desire to eat is often associated with the emotions he was feeling. Carbohydrates, fats, and sugars raise levels of the hormone serotonin which gives a calming effect, so many people who are feeling anxious, do escape to the food. From now on, if you're feeling stressed and appetite increases, reassure yourself first and decide if it really should eat something.

Drinking Water
When the stomach feels hungry, sometimes actually happens is not hungry it's your body hydrated. For that reason, if you feel hungry in the middle of meals then try to drink water to keep your body well hydrated.

Busied yourself
While you were on vacation at home and not move, tend to feel hungry and cravings increased. To avoid this, keep busy when you're not on the move, try to listen to music, read a book, call a friend, or watch your favorite tv shows.

Measure Level Hunger
When flavors like chewing something coming, ask yourself how much perceived hunger. If it feels very hungry, then you should not allow yourself to eat a snack. In addition, chew slowly when eating can also help you feel full faster without the need to eat excessive portions.

Avoid place that sell Junk Food
Junk food favorites that you see when you're walking around in the mall of course is hard to resist, especially if the price is being promoted. For that reason, avoid places that sell junk food when you're walking around so you can get used to not buy it.

Writing Diary
Record all food consumed each day in a diary. Set of records you can check each week to identify and control diet to make it healthier.
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