No one denies the benefits of exercise for fitness and health. There are so many benefits of exercise. Exercise keeps you from various diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. If you are already suffering from the disease, regular exercise will help to manage it so it does not develop harmful. Exercise even reduces the risk of stroke, lower back pain (LBP), colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and endometrial.

But exercise can also cause injury, although most injuries can be prevented. Learn the steps to prevent injury during exercise.

1. Warming up
Narrow any time to exercise, always warm up. Jump intense cardio exercise can make muscle injury. Allow 5 minutes to warm up so the body temperature and heart adapt the exercise to be performed.

2. Do cardio workout variations
Track may be your favorite, but if you do this exercise it always means you always use the same muscles. As a result, the muscles become at risk of injury from overuse. Replace the muscles used to perform three different types of cardio exercise each week, such as running, cycling, swimming, aerobics or practicing.

3. Strengthen weak muscles
If cycling is your main cardio workout, there is no doubt of the power of the muscles of the leg. But what about the hands? If some muscles strong and weak parts of another, can lead to muscle imbalances and create disturbed posture.

Besides tension only occurs in one part so vulnerable to injury. That's why on the sidelines of a training session, you should pay attention to the body that have a less focused on cardio exercises.

4. Stretching is also important
Although some studies say stretching does not prevent injury, but it will increase flexibility and muscle injuries are less flexible and pain. You can do stretching after cardio or weight training.

5. Schedule a break
Make a schedule of one to three days a week to do light exercise a day or no exercise at all. Schedule breaks will help muscles recover intact and stronger so it does not easily injured. The same thing applies when you feel energized or feel a little pain, then the rest of the day will help.
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