Having a slim and toned thighs is the desire of everyone, especially the women. There is assumption that the fat in the thighs will be very difficult to remove. But in fact, exercise and proper lifestyle can help you to get your dream shape thighs.

Here are activities that help you eliminate thigh fat:

1. Exercise Routinely
To get a slim shape thighs, you need cardiovascular exercise, fat-burning and high intensity exercise to 'turn on' the system cuts the fat in the body. If you have a yard big enough, do sports like running, cycling, or swimming. But if not, dance and movement exercises from the DVD can be an option. For maximum results, do this exercise at least an hour a day, three times a week.

2. Heart Rate Monitor
Make sure that you are on a cardiovascular workout intensity level of 75 to 80 percent. Use heart rate gauges to provide an accurate count. Usually these gauges are sold in sports stores or supermarkets.

3. Squats and lunges exercise
Tighten your thighs with lunges and squats exercises. Put these exercises into your regular exercise schedule. Besides toning your thighs, squats exercises using dumbbells in hand will make the sleeve come tight and formed. Squat itself is, exercise the right to form the front of the thigh muscles and your buttocks muscles.

4. Avoid junk food
If you want a slim and toned thighs, should avoid eating junk food or foods that contain lots of fat. Choose healthy foods such as fish steam cooked with various vegetables or fruits. Do not forget to cut carbs and replace them with white chocolate carbohydrates, such as brown rice or whole wheat bread.

5. Drink Lots of Water
Drinking mineral water at least eight glasses per day. This habit will help the body remove toxins and improve the process of weight loss. Drinking water also make the body functions work better.
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