Muscle cramps can be experienced by anyone and in any part of the body, but most people experience cramps in the legs. Many of us experience muscle cramps during exercise. And this can be very disturbing. Then how to get rid of cramps? Muscle cramps that occur suddenly can be caused by one or more muscles and lasts from a few seconds to minutes. This condition is most commonly caused by muscle spasm, but it was also a result of dehydration, mineral uneven circulation or other problems.

Causes of Cramps

The interesting thing about muscle cramps is not known the exact cause. This is a very common problem, but scientists are still unsure about the exact cause. Many interesting ideas have been put forward. Some say that this is due to lack of heating / stretching and contraction of muscle cramps occur when disturbed and damaged by acids or other damage in the muscle. Others believe if it is a sign of dehydration and can be prevented by drinking water before exercise. Lastly, there are many people who believe that it is due to lower levels of salts and essential minerals in the body.

Tips to get rid of Cramps

Here are tip how to get rid of cramps:

1. Doing massage

Massage therapy is the most effective way to overcome cramps, because it helps the muscles to relax. Through this massage will make a more soft tissue mobilization and stimulates the circulation and blood flow.

As a result, blood flow to bring oxygen and other nutrients to the cells, so that helps clear metabolic wastes include lactic acid accumulate in the muscles.

2. Compress with warm water

With something warm compresses can improve the flexibility of tendons and ligaments, relieve pain, increase blood flow and metabolism and reduce muscle spasms. Warm the flow can stimulate the release of endorphins substances that can inhibit pain.

The Sports Injury Bulletin indicates when the heat flow is applied to the body to make blood vessel walls to relax, but it should not be applied if the body become inflamed. To increase the flexibility of the network, given the temperature should range between 40-45 degrees Celsius and the duration for 5-30 minutes.

3. Stretching

Stretching is one of the short-term solution for cramps. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) direction must be made to withstand stretching depends on which muscle cramps, it can be determined based on what can make your feet feel worse or better.

AAOS recommends that you stretch before and after laihan, it can be useful as a warm-up for the muscle. One way could be by walking in place or walk fast.

4. Drink plenty of water

Some conditions cramping caused by dehydration, thus consume more water can help relieve cramps. Someone who exercise will increase your body temperature, so the water consumption should be more than usual to prevent dehydration that can lead to cramps.
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