Besides the face, the back and chest area is often covered with acne. Although not harmful, acne can reduce the comfort and confidence disturbing. But, there are some tips to get rid of back acne.

Just like acne on the face, acne on the back and other areas of the body, caused by blockage of skin pores due to increased production of oil glands. Another cause is the increase in hormones, stress, up to the amount of uncontrolled bacteria that cause acne.

According to the Acne Resource Center there are several other causes the growth of acne on the back, among others, tight clothing, excessive sweating and wearing a heavy backpack. With regular treatment, acne on the back can be removed.

Tips to get rid of back acne:

1. Scrub
With diligent scrub on the back, the dead skin cells that cause acne are eliminated. Besides using scrub products are sold in the market, you can use as a natural scrub of sugar or salt.

2. Bathing with Anti-Bacterial Soap
Rub your back with anti-bacterial soap twice a day. Do not use anti-bacterial soap more than than that. Anti-bacterial soaps can cause skin and very dry teritasi.

Keep the bathroom as soon as possible if you are out doing activities that are very active and a lot of sweat. When the sweat trapped in the skin can be mixed with oil, It can cause acne.

3. Benzoyl Peroxide
According to the Acne Resource Center, benzoyl peroxide is a powerful solution in removing acne. because of its chemical content, 70 percent of acne sufferers can improve within 6 weeks. This medicine may be a cream or gel that can be applied on the acne. Use benzoyl peroxide which has a 10 percent level. Benzoyl peroxide can be bought at a pharmacy store.

4. Aspirin
As reported by the Type F, another way to get rid of acne is by aspirin. Painkillers and fever turned out to be useful to prevent clogged pores, it contains anti-inflammatory. The trick used is to smooth the five to 10 grains of aspirin, mix with a little water. Mix well into a paste and apply on the acne. Let stand 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards rinse with warm water.

5. Notice Clothes Material
When active in the daytime wear clothes that are easy to absorb sweat. Choose loose clothing, with a material that does not create heat like cotton and linen. Sweat is one of the main causes of acne that can develop bacteria in the back.

Treatments to get rid of back acne

To get rid of back acne, you can do the treatment as below in the a beauty salon or beauty center:

1. Back treatment
These treatments like facials, but work on the back. For acne that is not too much and not spread throughout the area, you can try this.

First, your back cleaned with a special soap and water. Then do the evaporation by using a special steamer to open the pores. Further vacuum to suck up the acne. The next part is very nice, the your back massage and mask. If there are scars that interrupt, therapists scrubing process. But for acne that is inflamed scrubbing is not recommended, because it actually makes the skin becomes irritated.

After the mask is dry, the back is cleaned using water. The last stage, therapists daub special medicine acne pimples on points with the help of an alar. These treatments function to reduce blackheads, which can cause acne and helps inhibit the growth of acne. This treatment can be done twice a month.

2. Chemical Peeling
When acne is inflamed, it is advisable to do this treatment. Chemical peeling function to turn off the existing bekteri and lift dead skin cells. The way work almost the same as the back treatment only given different drugs. Backs cleaned, in vapor and in vacuum. Afterwards, inflamed acne spots on skewer with a small sterile needle.

Then, pimply area smeared with special peeling, only on the acne. Fluid peeling left for 30 seconds, and then compressed with a cold cloth. The way to avoid skin discoloration turned black because heat fire. After the peeling process, back in cleaning again and massage with special massage tool. Then do the mask. After the mask is dry, pimply each area is given special acne medication. This treatment is done once a month until the acne does not come back.

3. Microdermabrasion
This treatment is suitable for removing acne scars spots, so not all back skin condition can do this treatment. The process is almost the same as the back treatment.

The function of this treatment is smoothing the skin surface, mengilangkan back acne blemishes. After cleaning and steam, the back will be given a light massage by dermabrasion equipment (Same as chemical peeling tool) but in the end there is the crystal and rings, a little rough around textured. After doing dermabrasion, acne scars look a little faded and the skin become smoother. Very good, if you do regular maintenance once a month.
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