Every woman want to look perfect on her wedding day. Ranging from weight loss, skin, clothing to be the main focus. Want to get the desired body weight when the wedding day is often a new problem in women. Despite her weight down, but without realizing it a health of body and the health of skin is reduced.

Many things remain to be done to make it look pretty, either with a low-calorie balanced nutrition, regular exercise and therapeutic specialty care with the use of cosmetics that do not cause side effects and allergies. We have to treat facial and body early on to obtain beauty and attractive appearance.

Here are some beauty care to treat the skin before your wedding day:

Dry skin
Dry skin is a common problem that is often experienced by the bride. If the skin becomes dry and dull, try to exfoliate to remove dead skin. Products that contain alpha hydroxy acids will work well and makes skin clean, smooth and younger looking. Do not forget to moisturize the skin every day. Choose a moisturizer that contains vitamins A and E because it can control acne as well.

There are various treatments that can fight acne. Topical creams that contain Retin-A, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur Cleocin-T will help cleanse the pores and reduces redness on the face. Unfortunately, products containing these substances are usually also reduces moisture. To balance this, choose a moisturizer without oil that can be used in everyday life. If you have severe acne, you should visit a dermatologist to be given further treatment.

Dark circles around the eyes
Dark circle around the eyes usually occur due to various factors such as stress, lack of sleep, allergies, lack of nutrients and sunlight. Now there are a variety of treatments on offer in the market and mostly of the products are effective in reducing the appearance of dark ring around the eyes. Creams containing vitamin C, K and alpha hydroxy acid usually works well. If the cream is not working as expected, do not panic. You can still outsmart the dark ring around the eyes with a concealer to cover it up.

Eye bags
Just like a dark ring around the eyes, eye bags also occur temporarily due to stress, fluid retention, allergies or lack of sleep. Eye puffiness caused by allergies can be treated with medication allergies. But if the allergy is not the cause, then there are some treatments that can ease, such as eye creams, face masks and compression with cold water. Best cream for eye bags solve the problem is a cream containing vitamin C or antioxidants. Both content can help hydrate the skin.
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