The Mediterranean diet is considered as a balanced diet for some women. Mediterranean Diet is a diet that is inspired by the lifestyle of the people who live in the basin of the Mediterranean, such as Italy, Greece and Spain. The concept is to eat food that is natural by removing all artificial nutrition.

Mediterranean Diet is not just a regular diet that is able to losing weight because this diet can prevent people exposed to various diseases. Stroke, heart disease, metabolic syndrome such as unstable cholesterol levels, lung diseases such as asthma, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and various types of cancer are diseases that can be avoided with the Mediterranean diet. Many diseases can be avoided making the Mediterranean diet mentioned as the healthiest diet method in the world.

Method of Mediterranean diet:

1. Avoid all artificial food
This is a basic rule of the Mediterranean diet. In artificial foods, there is trans fat or trans fats that raise cholesterol and is suspected to cause cancer. In the United States, artificial food manufacturers should clearly explain the amount of trans fats in their products, but in other countries this has not been done.

2. Avoid drinks with artificial sweeteners
Such artificial foods, you should also avoid drinks with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Drink as much water as possible and some fresh fruit such as orange juice that is squeezed or blended, not sold in the mini market in packaging.

3. Avoid various kinds of candy
Candies containing various types of artificial sweeteners that do not comply with the method of the Mediterranean diet.

4. Get a healthy breakfast every day with fresh fruits like pineapple, strawberries, apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit. But avoid bananas and grapes. Make oatmeal porridge with skim milk and no sugar. You can also add eggs and nuts if you like. If you get bored, you can replace eggs with grilled fish or include both (eggs and fish) when the body needs it, such as the activity of the day will be very tiring.

5. By doing breakfast Mediterranean diet, you will not starve for four to five hours. If you then work or shopping, eat some carrots that have been peeled or apples that have been cleared. Take a carrot or apple in your bag.

6. Three to four hours later, you could have lunch with a menu that looks like breakfast. Some vegetables are boiled without carrots and a few potatoes. For the main menu, you can make grilled chicken with a little olive oil. Do not forget to eat a salad that also use a little olive oil.

7. Before bed, eat fruits and drink a glass of skim milk.

8. Remember to eat slowly in order not to consume too much food.

As has been said before, the Mediterranean diet is not just a diet, but a lifestyle. Therefore, this diet should be supported by a healthy lifestyle. Avoid smoking and start exercising. With the help of daily exercise, the Mediterranean diet would work better, and also the condition of the body become healthier.
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