Do not rush to take medication if you have a cold. There are many ways to prevent and get rid of a cold. In addition to sore throat are also itchy and painful swallowing, cold is usually coupled with a runny nose, fever, body aches, and muscle aches. Of course this is very disturbing. The best way to get rid of the cold is in a natural way that can be done at home:

Here are the tips:

1. Take a rest
Flu strikes when the immune system is weakened. Rest is one important element of healing because it will restore the immune system, so it will be easier to cope with cold. In addition to speed healing, just lie down or sleep under the covers is enough to help heal the body.

2. Gargle
For the throat, try gargling with warm water mixed with various herbs or spices. For example, such as by adding mineral salts, tea, raspberry, apple vinegar, sage, ginger, and turmeric. Do it four times a day. In addition to easing the throat, also helps overcome the cold.

3. Drink warm liquids
Drinking plenty of water is important during cold. Warm fluids help reduce nasal congestion, prevent dehydration, and experience sore throat. Steam from hot drinks also help thin the mucus.

4. Steam
One of the traditional ways to prevent and overcome the flu is by evaporation or vapor. Enter the hot water into a basin and put a face on it as cover your head with a towel. For more effective results mixed with spices relieve the nose and throat, such as eucalyptus oil, turmeric, and ginger.

5. Inhaling menthol
Apply eucalyptus oil or mentholated balm near the nostrils. In addition to making a blocked nose so much better, it also helps prevent skin irritation around the nostrils.

6. High pillow
When sleeping, try with your head higher than your chest. This is done to reduce the formation of mucus. The best way to double pillow and face facing the ceiling.

7. Inhaling garlic
Garlic smell quite effective against nasal congestion. Garlic as a catalyst to remove fluid and clean the nose. Hold the garlic at the bottom of the nose for about five minutes.

8. Spicy food
Capsaicin, the chemical that is in chillies, could help clear the nasal cavity. When the flu, try to eat soup with a sprinkling of pepper or spicy food.

9. Drink ginger tea
If you are cold, try drinking a glass of warm ginger tea. Ginger tea has been claimed to relieve cold, headaches, relieve nausea, and even improve blood circulation. There is evidence to suggest, ginger tea has the effect of analgesia or pain relief. Other studies have found that ginger acts against certain types of viruses. So, a cup of hot ginger tea or a piece of fresh ginger mixed with a cup of warm water can relieve cold symptoms and help you recover faster.
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