Building a healthy body, and body fit is not something that is obtained in a day but it takes discipline and commitment in the long term. At first it may feel a bit heavy but after a while they become a fun habit. Fit as an athlete was not impossible. A sports nutrition expert, Karen Warren, who is also the author of Best Nutrition Degrees reveals, there are secrets universal health tips that should remember to maintain the fitness of body. This guideline also applies to those of you who want to get maximum results of the exercise:

1. Avoid artificial sweeteners
There are some foods or drinks that you should avoid such as high diet soda, or fluids containing artificial sweeteners. Why? Because the consumption of soda or artificial sweeteners in excess will only lead to increased body weight. If you are planning to lose weight, avoid all forms of consumption of liquids containing artificial sweeteners.

2. Drink plenty of water
You should drink a glass of water more, every time you make physical activity. An athlete should often fill their bodies with oxygen because almost always involved in a lot of physical activity. Drinking more water will help your body receive the oxygen and keep your body hydrated.

3. Let your body rest
Some athletes usually involve themselves in excessive physical activity every day. The truth is you have to balance practice time each week and doing intense exercise three or four times each week. If you plan on practicing a marathon, be sure to take at least one day of rest in between the main training session. If you practice run as far as five or six miles on a single day, you should limit yourself to perform activities as walking or light jogging on the next day. Not push yourself to do strenuous exercise will only increase the risk of injury.

4. Avoid excessive weight training
If you prefer to have a thin body as an athlete, you certainly should avoid lifting weights too heavy. Lifting heavy weights will cause you to become stronger, and your muscles will build. If you are planning to build muscles, avoid lifting too heavy. If you still want to incorporate weight training into your exercise routine, make sure to add a little weight training into your exercise regimen.

5. More often run
Athletes who want to improve agility, speed and flexibility to be more frequent training run. Running is the easiest way one can do to lose weight in a short time. Combined with a healthy diet, running will help you achieve your optimal weight. Do not forget to insufficient body fluid immediately before and after a training session. Running will also cause you to sweat more than any other physical activity, so it is important for you to always remember to drink water every ten or twenty minutes.
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