Before the exercise, you should eat foods that are not too heavy. But should you fill your stomach with food energizing. Exercise on an empty stomach is no more effective in losing weight and even more negative effects. Meanwhile, in another study, eating before exercise actually gives more benefits especially in women, which is not fast hungry.

Here are foods that provide energy before exercise quoted from Yahoo Shine (17/10):

1. Coffee
Runners will enjoy a cup of coffee before taking their first steps. Researchers indeed been proven that caffeine in coffee gives stamina to the body. So someone will be more durable when it run. If you are not a fan of coffee, you can enjoy green tea without sugar or milk added to drink before you exercise.

2. Ginger
Muscle pain is often felt after heavy exercise. But there is an easy way to overcome the problem, namely the ginger. Consuming half a teaspoon of raw ginger can reduce pain by 25 percent, according to recent research. Mix the ginger in tea to get usefulness.

3. Apple
This fruit contains quercetin that can increase metabolism. Through a study, quercetin supplements can make cycling athletes last 13 percent longer in pedaling. So, do not hesitate to consume apples before you exercise.

4. Cherry juice
Inflammation often affects the muscles and trigger pain and swelling when going to the next exercise. To avoid such problems, you should consume cherry juice. Because the content of polyphenols in cherry called can relieve inflammation. In fact, athletes who consume cherry every day seven days before and two days after strenuous exercise makes muscles recover faster conditions.

5. Beet
The main function is to assist oxygen vegetables faster distributed in body muscles. So you will not get tired easily and be able to exercise more leverage.
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