Age of 40 is a period the most emotional and volatile in a woman's life. At this age, most women begin to experience symptoms of menopause can create stress. To minimize this, multiply the consumption of nuts and fruits like oranges, bananas and strawberries. Enter the fruits and vegetables in the daily diet, and avoid unhealthy fats and soft drinks. Body weight changes in women aged 40 years and over occurred quite rapidly. Because hormonal changes trigger the fat storage in the body.

Here are the diet tips for women in aged 40 years as quoted from Your Modern Living below:

1. Carbohydrate intake
Carbohydrates are the body's source of energy. So meet the carbohydrate intake is recommended to be done in the morning and evening when the body is still on the move. Meanwhile, when the body is no longer a lot of moves, such as the middle of the night, you should avoid carbohydrates. Because if it is not released into energy, carbohydrates are stored as fat.

2. Types of carbohydrates
Note also the type of carbohydrates you eat. Refined carbohydrates such as steamed food, candy, or snacks quickly digested by the body. As a result, insulin levels will quickly rise. When insulin increases, the body will burn fat more slowly and make more waist width.

3. Adding protein
Protein is the key to controlling fat. Nutrition is not the only one to regulate appetite, but it also stimulates the production of the hormone glucagon. These hormones work together with insulin to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

4. Journal of diet
As several studies have shown a diet journal can help you lose weight, you should also start doing it. Because through the journal, you can manage and control the intake of food consumed each day.

5. Exercise
Never leave the Exercise. Combine exercise regularly and actively moving every day to increase your metabolism. Because the higher the metabolism, the more fat is burned in the body.
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