According to the research exercise can overcome stress. Exercising helps you be healthier, increase energy and stamina, making the mind more fresh, and make sleep more soundly. Those who are more physically active tend to adjust better to the emotional and mental stress, and more rarely suffer personality disorders.

Various bustle and daily activities can trigger stress, and even other major diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and others. To prevent this, the following five exercises you can do every day to stay fit and keep away from stress:

1. Warm up
Warm up before you start exercising so body will not cramp. Perform stretching exercises like running in place, move a neck motion, circular motion in the shoulder, touch your toes and more.

2. Strength exercises
To train your muscle strength, you can try doing squats and lunges for the thigh and leg. Or you can also do sit-ups are good for the stomach, arms and back.

3. Yoga
Do some yoga moves to get benefits such as flexibility, strengthen muscles and prevent bone loss. In addition to physical, yoga is also good for your peace, ease breathing and reduce stress.

4. Relaxation
Shavasan or complete relaxation is the best way for your whole workout. This activity can calm the body and mind.

5. Breathing exercises
Besides relaxing, breathing exercises will also give body a lot of benefits. One thing you can do is Kapalbhati. You just need to breathe normally, but with hard blow on a regular basis. Do this exercise regularly and feel the benefits.
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